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Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Your Seed Potato Partner For North America


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Potato News

How the humble potato helped bring peace in war-split Europe

The humble potato brought centuries of relative calm and prosperity to Europe after its introduction in the 16th century, a new study says. The crop, discovered in Latin America in the 1400s before eventually sweeping through Europe, greatly boosted productivity, helping lower land costs while improving nutrition and raising wages, from peasants up to the ruling classes, according to the study for the National Bureau of Economic Research.


Canada: P.E.I. shipping in potatoes to make up for low crop yield

Prince Edward Island has experienced a lower potato crop yield than usual this year and has been forced to ship in spuds from other areas of the country to make up for it.​ The province remains Canada's heaviest hitter in terms of potato production, producing roughly 25 per cent of the country's annual yield. However, dry weather conditions over the summer reduced the Island crop yield by about eight per cent this year ? the largest drop among major growers in Canada.