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Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Variety Details



Smart is a deep yellow, medium to early season variety, with a rather high number of tubers per plant. It has the distinction of being able to be grown for yellow C-size creamers.


Round to Round-Oval shape, high tuber number per plant. Deep yellow skin and deep yellow flesh colour. Good dormancy and good storability. High percentage of tubers are smaller than 1 5/8 inch diameter.


Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematodes and Wart disease. Medium resistant to Common Scab.


Tiny and truly tasty, Smart Yellow Creamer Potatoes can be considered the caviar of tuber vegetables. These popular Creamers can be found on the menus of fine restaurants as "baby potatoes" and can also be used for easily prepared gourmet side-dishes at home. Their delicate size and shape appeals to the eye, while providing a superb taste and texture experience.


Requires more than average N-fertilization; Medium to Early maturing; and vine killing should not cause problems. Correct irrigation is important for Smart in order to achieve the optimum size profile and quality of the potatoes.