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Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Our Production

Research & Development

Located in the Netherlands, close to the North Sea, is the HZPC potato breeding station. HZPC screens hundreds of thousands of potential potato varieties in a continuing search for truly superior potato variety candidates. Part of the breeding program is dedicated to breed varieties especially for the North American markets.

Yield is a significant factor in this search but is only one of numerous characteristics that must be present before a potential candidate will even be considered. Is it resistant to diseases? Can it be grown in a number of environments? How does it taste? These are only a few of the questions that must be asked and answered during HZPC's ten year selection process.

Once a potato variety candidate has been selected for North America, it has to be shipped in-vitro from Holland to the official quarantine laboratory for screening before HZPC Americas Corporation can enter it in our own tissue culture lab, located at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Field trials and demonstration sites are needed as soon as possible before it can be presented to potential clients.

Seed Production

Once a new HZPC variety has been selected for introduction, high quality seed potato production is needed.

HZPC varieties are grown by the best American and Canadian seed potato producers. The potatoes are grown on their own account and the crop is sold by HZPC Americas Corporation or by affiliate marketing agents. HZPC seed potato producers have excellent reputations and grow seed potatoes in select isolated areas in soils ideal for healthy potato production.