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Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Variety Details



This variety is a happier version of the classic French salad potato with a fine gourmet quality taste. The unique flavor and texture makes Annabelle very suitable for the restaurant markets in North America. You could call Annabelle a "modern fingerling", with the same quality but easier to grow and easier to peal.


Tubers are a long-oval type with smooth clear bright yellow skins, eyes are superficial or not apparent.


Rapid development of the numerous stemmed plant with very few white flowers, will result in the production of numerous uniformly shaped tubers.


Resistant to Golden Nematodes and immune to Wart disease. Somewhat susceptible for common scab, avoid field with a history of scab. Regular control for late blight is required.


Flavorful, waxy -type tubers with firm texture. Great baked, boiled and steamed. A new favorite among European chefs.


Harvest with care. Short dormancy, requires cold storage following harvest.