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Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Your Seed Potato Partner For North America

Variety Details



Snowbird, a new medium early Round White variety, ideal to be grown and used along the Eastern Seaboard.


Round tubers with bright white skin and white flesh. Large in size with a low incidence of internal defects. Tubers size early.


Good resistance to common scab and late blight, but still needs a regular spray control plan. First results are showing good virus resistance. Machinery should be operated as so to minimize wounds and bruising during harvest because Fusarium seed piece decay can be a problem during long-tem storage.


Culinary qualities are excellent, holds their shape well after cooking. The colour stays nice white after cooking. Washes excellently. Medium specific gravity, can be used in most potato preparations.


Rather good dormancy, stores well. Can be available year-round. Snowbird is an excellent Round White all-purpose variety.